About Us

Arroyo Seco natural nuts are owned by Klein Bros. Holdings, Ltd., a privately held California corporation based in Stockton, Ca. The Klein family has been growing crops in the San Joaquin Valley for four generations. 

At Arroyo Seco, we package only the highest quality nuts available.  We don’t add any preservatives to our nut items.  You’ll get complete satisfaction with our products or we’ll replace them at no charge.  Our facility is independently inspected twice a year by the Tree Nut and Food Scientists Of California.  We have a Superior Rating for cleanliness and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our facility is regularly inspection by the FDA.   

We have Almonds

All Almonds are the same right? At a quick glance almonds look just about the same, but they are not. There are a few different types. The types of almonds are Price, Peerless, Fritz, Sonora, Monterey, Mission, Padre, Butte, Carmel, and Nonpareil. That is a lot of different kinds. At Arroyo Seco we provide the highest quality nut we can. This is why we carry Nonpareil. Part of what makes Nonpareil so special is the fact that the almonds are first to bloom and first to harvest. The harvesting of all other almonds are based off of when the Nonpareil are harvested.  

                                                                                                                                                           Just like almonds Walnuts have more than just one type. Most of the walnuts that are packaged are Chandlers. Chandler was a professor at U.C. Davis who introduced the walnut to the market in 1979. In the chandler family they can be different colors. There is Amber, Light Amber, Light, and Extra Light. Here at Arroyo Seco we prefer to use Light because it has a full color and has a great flavor. Like all of our other items we choose to not use preservatives on our products. We feel that the more natural nut we can bring the better.

Do not forget the Pecans

Pecans what else is there to know. Well pecans are based off of size and grades. The two largest sizes are Mammoth and Junior Mammoth. The sizing is based off of how many halves a pound yields. We use the Junior Mammoth because the yield is between 251-300 halves per pound. Grades are given for golden, damaged, and defects. The grades are Fancy, Choice, Standard, and Damaged. Taking pride in quality we choose to use Fancy. We feel that our customers should have the best pecans out there.

Full Line

Not only do we the three main nuts we also have: Filbetrs (Hazelnuts), Raw Sunflower Kernel, Cashews, Pine Nuts, and Pignolia ( European Pine Nuts).


At Arroyo Seco we feel that our customers deserve the highest quality product with as little added as possible. We decided that we would nitrogen flush our packaging to remove the air from the package without harming the quality of the product inside. Just because there is a way to make the nuts last longer does not mean we want to add preservatives and damage the quality. The fresher the better.

Peanut FREE

At Klein Brothers we are Proud to be one of the Peanut Free Facilities in the world. We understand just how important it is to our consumers that they eat a food safe product.

Healthy Living:

Scientific evidence suggests but does not prove that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.


Arroyo Seco natural nuts always come with a complete satisfaction guarantee or we'll replace them at no charge.  Enjoy premium quality Arroyo Seco nuts today!